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        • DOOSAN

            Doosan Machine Tools: Independent and sustainable flagship brand.

            With continuous new product development, global network building and strong brand, we have developed into a leading enterprise in the domestic machine tool industry.

            We provide precision machining equipment, which lays a foundation for improving the manufacturing competitiveness of high value-added industries such as automobile, aviation and IT in China.

            It helps to strengthen the overall competitiveness of domestic industry by replacing expensive imported equipment.

        • VIGEL

            Vigel mainly produces multi-spindle high-speed horizontal&vertical machining center,

            According to the size of parts are equipped with various types of machine tools,

            Can be equipped with 2 to 4 spindles according to specific capacity requirements, modular design, in order to meet the high and medium production capacity at the same time with good processing flexibility, can adapt to frequent changes in the market and quality requirements.

        • SHW

            Founded in the 14th century, it is one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany. SHW constantly improves the performance of itself and its products to defend its market position in its core business, and based on this. Promote innovation to increase the added value of products. Strive for operational excellence to protect the environment, save resources and reduce carbon footprint by using efficient processes and production methods.

        • FAMAR

            Famar is a superior partner in the production of automotive parts, trucks, tractors, engineering vehicles, gear reducers, bearings, tubing joints, pumps and other industries, providing integrated or individual solutions, or integrated, simple, universal and efficient processing processes.

            Like a tailor tailoring tailored suits, Famar develops the software and programming of machine tools according to customers' standards, prepares and debugs according to customers' standards, and personalizes the lathes according to the electricity specifications and logistics of the production line.

        • TAJMAC-ZPS

            European leader in the field of machine tool manufacturers. Its MORI-SAY series of multi-spindle automatic lathes offer extraordinary ideas for low-cost processing of large volume parts. The entire technical process, from engineering to machine tool manufacturing and commissioning, comes from the same place.

        • Digital Factory

            With the wide application of information technology, all the equipment, products, personnel, raw materials, tools, etc. of an enterprise correspond to digital descriptions, and all the elements have digital carriers and characteristics, that is, they become "digital dust". On this basis, according to certain protocols, standards and specifications, data exchange is realized among all kinds, that is, the Internet of Everything.

        • Equipment
        • Automation
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        China: Mr. Li 135 6791 3331

        Zhejiang Area: Mr. Chen 135 6794 8488

        Fujian Area: Mr. Liang 138 5006 2521

        Guangxi Area: Mr. Li 135 6791 3331

        Jiangxi Area: Ms. Liu 135 8651 8488



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